Wendy Youlovsky Dytman*

Address:Los Angeles, CA
Since:Aug 19, 2003

20040128 After graduating B.U. in 71, I moved to Los Angeles. I met my husband in 73 and we spent 76-77 living in San Francisco while he received his MBA. After moving back to L.A., I began working in the movie business, eventually becoming a vice President of Production at MGM studios in the 80s, where I was involved in the production of such films as THE MIGHTY QUINN (with Denzel Washington), MOONSTRUCK, and A FISH CALLED WANDA. In the 90s, I segued into producing, and have produced movies for theatrical release and television, though my proudest accomplishment is spearheading a 2 year fundraising campaign that resulted in 52 acres of undeveloped hillside land in the center of the Hollywood Hills (and, not co-incidentally, in my backyard!) being acquired by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, which will result in the land staying an open green space forever. In addition, we passed an assessment district measure on the ballot that will ensure funds so that Conservancy can buy green spaces throughout the Santa Monica Mountains for years to come, keeping the Hills from becoming overdeveloped and providing the vital migratory links for wild animals to reach the Pacific.

Im semi-retired (I have one more project Id like to get made - then Im through!), and am currently starting up a new business, designing and making jewelry.

My husband and I got married in 1981 (hey, what can I say- we were hippies!); no kids, but we have a completely spoiled dog, Bones, and nieces and nephews whose sports and school activities we support. We live in the Hollywood Hills; my husband owns his own agency business, representing writers, directors and producers. We travel whenever we can, collect art (lately weve been building a photography collection), and wonder where the years went. I was skeptical when Mark contacted me last summer, but think that hes done a tremendous job and am eternally grateful to him for being the instrument that has put me back in touch with some of my oldest friends, whom I cant wait to see on my next trip to Conn.