Mike Belzer

Address:West Hartford, CT
Since:Jul 30, 2003
Email: jerome.belzer@ymail.com

20031202 All in all, life has been better to me than I probably deserved. I ended up as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Connecticut and have come to specialize in workers' compensation. I have been married to the same Mrs. Wife, ann, for almost 28 years which is a long time to put up with my left-handed humor. We have three daughters: Liba Michal, Rivka B'rucha, and Shoshanah Sarah Devorah, a senior in law school, a freshman in medical school and a junior in high school respectively.

They all acknowledge that I am the toughest man in the house and then laugh.

Our home is in West Hartford. We look forward to the January 18th gathering as a marvelous opportunity to compare waist lines, time lines, wrinkle lines and enzyme readings. Seriously, this is exciting and we look forward to a large gathering of beavers who actually give a "dam".