Jeffrey Macy

Address:Maccabim, Israel
Since:Sep 09, 2003

20091120 Since leaving Weaver and Hartford, I completed by B.A. in Political Science at Claremont College, in Claremont, California and my M.A. in Political Economy at the University of Toronto. From Toronto I came to Israel to write my doctorate in Medieval Jewish and Islamic political thought. My doctorate was a comparison of the political thought of the Islamic philosopher al-Farabi (870-950) and the great Jewish philosopher Maimonides (1135-1204). I met my wife, Rachel, as I was working on my doctorate and we married in 1983, just before I left for Harvard for a post-doc. In 1984, I returned to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and since then I have taught as a member of the Political Science Department. I served as Chair of the Political Science Department from 2004-2007 and since the conclusion of my term as Department Chair I have served as Director of the Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy and Civic Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In addition to my teaching at the Hebrew University, I have spent 3 years as a visiting Professor at Yale (1988-89, 1997-98 and 2001-2002) and a semester each at Wesleyan University (1992) and the University of Tulsa (1997). I also taught for an intensive, mini-semester at the University of Hartford in the Fall of 2007, which gave me the opportunity to attend our memorable Weaver 40th class reunion.

Rachel and I have two daughters, Dafna (22) and Noa (almost 16). We live in a small town in Israel called Maccabim, which is located halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

If any of you are planning a visit to Israel, please let me know!