Ellen Berson Weiss

Since:Jul 28, 2003
Email: pcteach1075@gmail.com

20090415 Married for 35 years. My husband is very tall, 6' 1", and much quieter than I am. I'm not sure how that happened!! I have one son, almost 30, who graduated from ECSU with a Communications Degree. After loosing the baby of our family, MOOKIE, a 9 year old black lab, we adopted Melvin (a yellow lab) who is now named Mr. Cooper. After having him for almost a year, he has now become my “Baby”.

This is the beginning of my 9th year teaching Computers to High School kids for the STATE of CT at a Vocational Technical School. I left my job in industry after 8 years of programming to teach. Ever since my first computer, a Commodore 64 (anyone remember them?), I fell in love with PC's and have been gearing all career moves in the direction of Information Technology and teaching. I wanted to combine my teacher training (I'm certified in PreK -8 and Math 7-12) with computer knowledge that I gained from experience and numerous courses.

I obtained an Associates degree in CIS (Computer Information Systems) in 1997 from MCC. I really enjoyed graduation, even though I felt like the "oldest" one there!! I received my Masters in Educational Technology in May, 2007 from Eastern Connecticut State University. I love taking classes and keeping abreast with current technology. The one good thing about getting older is that I can take FREE courses after age 62 at the State of CT colleges. Who knows, maybe a Doctorial degree will be in my future!!

My hobbies are learning computer animation, basketball (only the UCONN Huskie women), the Internet and gemstone collection. After retiring, not sure when that will be possible with today’s economy, I plan to become much more involved in Gemstone identification and jewelry making. This summer, I have no big plans and hope to learn to be a better cook. Right now I am fortunate that my husband does a majority of the cooking and all of the food shopping (Ladies, I will rent him out really cheap!) I am looking forward to having a restful and relaxing summer. I am hoping to be training my “baby” to walk better on a leash, and to get rid of some bad habits.

Feel free to contact me at student1075@aol.com and identify who you are in the subject line. I don’t read emails that are not identified…too much identity fraud out there!! If interested in that, go to www.ic3.gov. You will be amazed at the scams, malware, spyware, and identity fraud out there.

Hope to see you at the next reunion…45!!!