Bob Katz

Address:Longwood, FL
Since:Oct 01, 2003

20031229 I started at Wesleyan University and finished at the University of Hartford (go figure, long story). But anyway, in searching for a profession, I just had to combine it all.... a lifelong love of music, languages, audio, radio, television, electronics, and (occasionally) good humor. All led to my current position as a music recording, mixing and mastering engineer/producer. I've received three Grammy awards and several nominations. My wife Mary Kent (since 1984) and I run Digital Domain, a Compact Disc and DVD mastering studio in Orlando, having moved it from NYC in 1996. My latest baby (oops, we have no children) is a popular-selling book called "Mastering Audio: The Art and The Science", on Focal Press. It has has become a featured textbook in colleges and universities around the world, and pays for the upkeep of the orange tree in the back yard and the various stereo systems throughout the house.

As I approached my fiftieth year, I started looking back at my Weaver years with tears of pleasure. And I'm so glad that Mark has founded this site and united us once again. I'm Looking forward to the reunions to come. I even recognize people that go all the way back to first grade!

Best wishes for all time from....