Bernie Schreiber

Address:Mansfield Center, CT
Since:Sep 09, 2003

20040124 For the past 26 years, I've been teaching at the Ashford School in the northeastern Connecticut town of Ashford, about 12 minutes from UCONN. I have taught 6th grade, 7th and 8th grade Language Arts, and, for the last 17 years, 5th grade. I'm thinking of retiring in 2008. But more importantly, I'm looking forward to our reunion in '07.

I've been married to Jane (a 7th grade geography teacher in Clinton, CT) since 1998. We each have two kids from previous engagements. She has a son and daughter, 32 and 33 years of age. I have two sons, Jonathan, age 34, and David, age 22. Both received diplomas in 2003: Jonathan got a masters in Marriage and Family Counseling, and David got a bachelors in graphic design (anyone looking for a graphic designer?). Thanks to Jane's daughter Alyson (and husband Dan), we will become grandparents in May.

My greatest passion, next to my family and teaching, is playing the violin. When I was 14, I gave it up after several years at the Hartford Conservatory of Music. High school just had too many activities to offer me and I just couldn't devote enough time to practicing. But when I turned 50, I started lessons again and haven't stopped since. I played with a string quartet (strictly amateur) for over two years. We did the nursing home circuit before we disbanded. I'm about to join another quartet with the help of my teacher at the Community School of the Arts at UCONN. Sorry, we're not ready to accept any gigs yet.

I truly enjoyed our belated 35th reunion. Jane noticed instantly our class's closeness and comfort level with each other. Maybe we didn't know what a special group of people we were back then. But we know now. Let's not forget it.