Missing Weaver Classmates

One purpose of this page is to list all of our fellow classmates who haven't been contacted or otherwise accounted for in one way or another. Therefore, if anyone feels ambitious and wants to try tracking someone down, this is a good place to start.

People also occasionally do an Internet search on their own name to see if anyone is writing something about them. If you got to this page because you are one of them, be sure to check out our class web site. I know, it's long shot, but if one of our fellow classmates does happen to do a search and finds this page it will have been worth it.

Betty AdamsDawn AmloDavid BakerDeborah BooksteinSteve Boyko
Bonita BrewsterDiana BruceGad CarterRichard CarterMonica Cassello
Patricia D'AmatoCatherine DavisAmy DayJeanne DevineRivanna Dicks
Valerie DowdellBruce DublinFerdinand EverettGlennie FosterMichael Fox
Edward FranklinMichael FreundPatricia FudgeJuanita HarrisRonald Hill
Diane HoodHazel HowardBevery JacksonDavid JohnsonDonna Johnson
Steve JonesDoreen KiserBeverly LemayMary LibertHelena Marshall
Claudette MathisPeter MaylorGerard MillerEverton O'ConnorSusan Paolino
Steven PerroneLeo PetrossiOlivia PittmanGrace RaginThomas Reynolds
William SeifAlan ShuchCarol SmithDiane SmithNorris Smith
Rashelle TownsendPeggy WalkerArthur WallackShirley WaltersMichael Wilkes
William Williams

for a total of 56 out of 297 or 18% of the class still unaccounted for

NOTE - Dawn Amlo has been officially reported as a missing person and listed in the national registry. If anyone has any information please inform the authorities