The Weaver High School Class of '67 Memorial Scholarship

Our class has a Memorial Fund set up with Weaver High School. We collected about $250 at the reunion and we'd like to collect another $750 and donate $1,000 to the Weaver High Athletic Program. The Athletic Program has very little funding from the Hartford Public Schools and would really appreciate any amount we could provide.

If you would like to send something, any amount at all, here's what to do:

Make out a check payable to WEAVER HIGH SCHOOL; on the memo line write, Class of '67 Memorial Fund. Mail the check to me:

Mike Dick
27 Parker Ave.
Cohasset, MA 02025

I'll collect our checks and forward them to the WHS finance manager who will deposit the checks into our account. The finance manager will cut a check to the Weaver Athletic Director when we direct her to do that.

Thank you and with my best regards to all of you out there!