Weaver High Class of 1967

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The 55th Reunion is coming, the 55th reunion is coming! October 8th, from 2-6 at Chowder Pot in Hartford
If you didn't get my email about it or have quesstions feel free to email me at Mark Seger

Make $45 check payable to Marshall Soltz and mail to:
34 Old Meadow Rd
West Hartford, CT 06117

And look who's signed up so far...
clinton charlene
macy jeffrey
greenblatt howard
mckinney jacqueline
cramer elyse slitt
hudson margie
seger mark
rosenthal todd
dick mike
berson ellen weiss + ken
soltz marshall
schreiber bernie + jane
belzer michael
berson lenore glaser + marty
allen gregg
haber sharon rinkus
gonzalez jose + lenore
eubanks cheryl
cohen phyllis bishop
patterson carl
berkowitz ron
allen james
friedman jeffrey
pugliese bev miller
dehaas anti attas
hurvitz bob
friedman ron
spector paul
ford abe + 1
womack rita battle
frederick brenda christian

What's this all about?
I don't know about anyone else, but I think it's been far too long since many of us have been in touch with or seen each other, let alone have any sort of class reunion. I have also noticed a number of people, including myself, have even registered with classmates in an attempt to do so. I thought I'd put up this web site to act as a repository for that type of information as well.

The focus of this site is on information and not fancy graphics (especially since I have no artistic abilities) and so what you see is what you get -- names, email addresses, cities, states and phone numbers. If any of the names on the this page have some funky icons next to them you might even see a person's picture or a little bio about what they've been up to. Just keep in mind that not everyone has email and sometimes the only way to reach them is via a phone number, which is why I bothered to include it. Remember - this is a low budget site so if you want something added or changed, you have to send it to Mark Seger. However, everything is optional so I'll only post what you want me to post.

The WHS '67 Memorial Fund News
At the 45th reunion we restarted this fund with an explicit goal - to help out the Weaver Athletics Program. It turns out it hasn't had the attention it did in our day and funds are tight, so tight that their current ticket office is a folding table, exposed to all the elements. We've been told that for $1000 they could purchase a portable, enclosed booth and even have a plaque on it thanking our class.

I want to personally thank Mike Dick, who ran this fund in the past, for stepping up and doing it again. Click here for details on how he's handling contributions.

The reunion has come, the reunion has come...
For those who were there, I'm sure you'd all agree a good time was had by all. For those who couldn't make it, perhaps next time. I've uploaded some pictures to the link below for your viewing pleasure and if others upload their own photos to their favorite photo viewing website and send me the links, I'll post them here too. But please don't ask me to identify everyone in all the pictures. Some of us look the same but I fear many of us don't. Have you used google's picasa yet? It's free and real easy to share photos. These are the one I uploaded.

Earlier Reunion Pictures
Here are pictures to date - Batch 1 and Batch 2 I'm sorry to say I couldn't identify everyone, but with a class our size I don't think there was a single person who could. So, if anyone can help me out with any names I might have gotten wrong or left out, pleace let me know and my apologies to those I got wrong. If anyone has any other pictures, please send them to me so I can post them. If you only have photos and can get a second set made (to be safe) if you mail them to me I'll scan them in. There were definately more people there than we have picutures of and I'd like to include them as well.

TIP: If you want to save a picture on your hard drive, simply right click your mouse on it and when the menu pops up say you want to save the picture or image. Just be sure to do this on the larger version of the picture.
Found and Lost
It looks like this is going to become a permanent section as a number of email addresses have stopped working and/or people have moved and their phone numbers are no longer working. We all need to work together to keep the list up to date. Unfortunately when someone changes their email or moves they often forget to notify everyone and I'm sure this website isn't at the top of everyone's list. So, if you see someone on this list who you're in touch with, please send me their latest contact info as it's a lot easier to fix them one or two at a time rather than scramble around at the last minute before a reunion. It is also worth noting that sometimes email problems are intermittent and they're not broken at all. In that case let me know also!
Broken Email
Mary GantPat Johnson
Allen SchatzLeonie WilliamsTheresa Kycia
Pat HarrisJanice PerrymanPat Johnson
Belinda WatermanJames DavisJames Davis
Hope LesseggerStephanie WilliamsLeonie Williams
Janice AshbyStephen RonanAllen Schatz

The Weaver High Gene Pool

We all know what a great school Weaver was and what a great bunch of people went there, but what about the schools they went to before they came to Weaver? What about our fellow classmates who went on to other schools with whom we have since lost touch? Thanks to Wendy Youlovsky Dytman's persistence at getting a web site started for those of us who went to Rawson (and we only have 7 people still unaccounted for), I thought it'd be a neat idea to set up web sites for some of the other schools we went to before coming to Weaver.

So here's the deal -- it turns out to be relatively easy for me to set up other web sites as I did with Rawson, but they're going to be pretty generic to simplify my life. While I am willing to take this on I am not willing to take responsibility for contacting and tracking down everyone who went to all these other schools. Instead, I'm counting on others to supply me with the information for the web site such as names of people to add to the Found, Missing or In Memory Of pages. In the case of the latter, if you know the date of their death I can add that too. What I also ask is that anyone who has been found has agreed to be listed. There are also some cases where someone has found but chooses not to be listed and I can just as easily remove them from the missing list as I have done with both the Weaver and Rawson web sites.

I will happily list anyone with any school(s) and I'll even add names to the missing pages even if they didn't go to Weaver, but that's all. As for pictures, if anyone wants to send me class pictures I'll post them as I did for Rawson, but I'm not going to be doing anything with personal pictures or bios as that can get out of control much too quickly.

Annie Fisher | Barbour | Barnard Brown | Brackett/NorthEast | Mark Twain | Northwest Jones | Rawson | Vine | Yeshiva

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The Class of 1967
Gary Abel  Gregg Allen  James Allen 
Roz Alpert Kaplan  Bernhard Anderson  Janice Ashby Keene 
Harry Ashe  Andrea Attas DeHaas  Linda Avseev Cohn 
Oswald Bailey  Geraldine Baker Milner  William Baker 
Efenger Bartholomew  Mike Belzer  Ron Berkowitz 
Rosalie Berkowitz Roth  Ellen Berson Weiss  Lenore Berson Glaser 
Sharon Bingham Floyd  Etta Birenbaum Epstein  Connie Blackwell 
Howard Block  Sheryl Bobrow Montanari  Jeff Bouchard 
Cyril Burke  Charles Carter  Charlene Clinton 
Phyllis Cohen Bishop  Brenda Combs Hampton  Elyse Cramer Slitt 
Gail Daitch Choate  James Davis  Joy Davis Johnson 
Liz Devine Olson  Mike Dick  Betty Donor Gaffney 
Judith Dorman Muehlbauer  Theodore Easterling  Carolyn Eskey Topper 
Alan Fenster  Marilyn Fishberg Goodman  Abe Ford 
Brenda Frederick Christian  Stanley Freeman  Jeff Friedman 
Ron Friedman  Mary Gant Ferguson  Sue Glasband Lewis 
Jose Gonzalez  Lenny Gold  Janet (Jenny) Goldberg* 
Ari Goldman  Chuck Goode  John Gore 
Howie Greenblatt  Sharon Haber Rinkus  Patricia Harris Jennings 
Sal Harrison  Twindalyn Harvey  Eli Henderson 
Rosemary Hite Gordon  Rosalind Hogan Gilbert  Margie Dolores Hudson 
Barbara Hurston  Dorothy Hurston  Bob Hurvitz 
Nathaniel Jenkins  Frank Johns  Patricia Johnson Sears 
Deana Kamins Leikin  Anita Kaplan Cappalla  Russell Kaplan 
Bob Katz  Linda Kershenbaum Greenfield  Ray Kitchens 
Renee Klau  Terri Koropatkin Bangs*  Theresa Kycia Minns 
Diane Korduner Berry  Shelley Lantz*  Anita Lazer Slipchinsky 
Janis Leavitt Cohen  Edward Lebetkin  Hope Lessenger Orma 
Dave Levine  Valerie Lewis Chance  Jeffrey Macy 
Carl Marcus  Sandy Mattleson Steinberg  Jerry McCall 
Cheryl McGarrah Eubanks  Jacqueline McKinney  Bev Miller Pugliese 
Brenda Moore Chester  Annie Moses  Kaj Munic 
Nancy Neckes Dumart  Cedric Newman  Davida Novarr 
Faith Okun Bosch  Cathy O'Loughlin Sullivan  Penny Paige Cooper 
Michael Pasek  Carl Patterson  Paulette Parker Corbin 
Susan Pennington Yeager  Rosemary Perkins Gordon  Janice Perryman Alexander 
Shlomo Herbert Pick  J Stephanie Pina  Bill Rapoport 
Suzanne Ratner Siegel  Kitson Richardson  Virginia Robinson Lewis 
Stephen Ronan  Alan Rosenberg  Carole Rosenblatt Jorgensen 
Todd Rosenthal  Dona Rothberg Sharp  Phil Rozner 
Anne Rubin Tager  Stuart Sack  Allen Schatz 
Bernie Schreiber  Julia Scott Blade  Kent Sears 
Mark Seger  Linda Seymour Noonan  Bob Sheketoff 
Ewart Skinner  Paul Snyde  Diane Sockut Ziskin 
Marshall Soltz  Sheila Sondik  Laurie Spector 
Paul Spector  Harry Stricker  Dona Summers Carter 
Edgar Teale  Judy Toce Davis  Willie Triplin 
Leah Turner  Robert Verdone  Jai (Joanne Walker) Underhill 
NanC Ward  Robert Warren  Belinda Waterman Bussey 
Cheryl Weisman -Cohen  Miriam Wheeler Roane  Dianne Wilkomer Brody 
Chris Williams  Leonie Williams  Stephanie Williams Richardson 
Narvin Wilson  June Winston Baynes  Jay Wish 
Esther Wolinsky Spigel  Rita Womack Battle  Jacqueline(Jacque') Wright-Davis 
Wendy Youlovsky Dytman*  Marianna Zamlauski Tucker  Karen Zeldis Roch 
Wendy, Terri, Jenny and Shelley graduated elsewhere, but we won't hold it against them
We now have 162 names listed for 55% of the total class
these people do not have email

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